Structural Biology

Structural biology focuses on studying the tertiary structure of biological macromolecules by physical means, predicting and studying their functions, and elucidating the molecular mechanisms of macromolecular interactions.

ReadCrystal has a wide range of experimental equipments,  experienced and highly educated research team, and excellent service attitude to provide you with one-stop structural analysis services starting from protein expression to meet your various research and industrial needs in a flexible and diversified manner.

Customsynthesisof multiple types of recombinant protein products for scientific research, diagnostic reagent production, medical therapy, and vaccine preparation.
Multiple protein expression systems and multiple strains: E. coli, insect cells, mammalian cells, yeast
Vector optimization design
Multiple purification tool enzymes, labels
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Crystallization screening

Crystals are a prerequisite for structural studies and high throughput crystallization screening services can provide high quality single or eutectic crystals for structural studies of drug target molecules in the shortest time.
Mosquito Crystallization Robot
High throughput crystallization screening platform with over 1400 crystallization conditions
Customized crystal culture service
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From the selection of drug targets to the optimization of drug molecules, the structures of target proteins and protein-ligand complexes are required.We provide high resolution structure analysis services for different samples
Close collaboration with several synchrotron light sources around the world
Conventional X-ray diffraction provides stable, high-resolution structural resolution
MicroED overcomes the structure analysis of crystals with growth difficulties
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Novel structural resolution solutions for difficult-to-crystallize proteins or complex complex samples with large molecular weights.
No crystallization required
Low demand for samples
Dynamic snapshots of different conformations or intermediates can be obtained
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Direct measurement of inter-molecular binding data by equili-brium or thermodynamic methods is widely used in virus invasion mechanism research, antibody development, small molecule drug screening and vaccine development.
Multiple assays: ITC, SPR, MST, DSF, etc.
High throughput drug screening, target discovery
Biomolecules, small molecule drugs, proteins, peptide interactions
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Service Advantages
• Professional team The ratio of master's and doctoral degree ratio is over 70%, constantly learning and applying the most cutting-edge technology in the industry

Rich experience Successfully completed the structural analysis of more than 100 kinds of proteins, familiar with the expression purification and crystallization of different types of proteins

Responsible attitude We will give a professional and detailed evaluation of the project at the early stage of the project, regularly report on the progress of the project in the middle of the project, give a quick response to the problems at any time, and deliver a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the results at the end of the project.

60+ Successful expression of target proteins

120+  Successfully delivered structures

Target Protein
Protein-ligand complexes
Small molecule drugs
Enzymes for catalysis
Antigen-antibody complexes
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