Application Background

Absolute conformation of chiral drugs is crucial to drug safety, and chiral confirmation of compounds can currently only be solved by growing large-scale single crystals and performing x-ray diffraction in the industry. ReadCrystal is the only commercial testing organization in the world to provide MicroED-based chiral confirmation of nanocrystals through self-developed structure refinement algorithms for resolution.

Chirality confirmation of nano compounds

MicroED in the field of natural products - L-tartaric acid

Tartaric acid is a natural product widely found in fruits with two mutually symmetric chiral carbons and three spin isomers, and it is often used as a raw material in the pharmaceutical industry. The chiral structure of tartaric acid makes it a very important chiral ligand and chiral substrate in organic synthesis, which can be used to prepare many well-known chiral catalysts and as a chiral source for the synthesis of complex natural product molecules.

Application of MicroED in the field of synthetic products - Levetiracetam

Levetiracetam is a new generation of highly effective anti-epileptic drugs with a broad market prospect in the pharmaceutical field. As a synthetic drug, the key to controlling the optical purity of levetiracetam isomers in the synthesis process. With the continuous development of the chemical process, chiral synthesis means a new method has been promoting the progress of the levetiracetam synthesis process.